About the Society

The site of the local nature reserve was acquired by Basildon District Council in 1991 as part of a planning agreement concerning the development of the Mill Grange housing estate. In 1994, after some deliberation the Council declared it to be a Local Nature Reserve and two years later a number of local residents expressed an interest in helping the Council with management tasks. The Society was launched in 1998 with the following Brief;

(a) To participate with Basildon District Council in the management and conservation of Mill Meadows Local Nature Reserve.
(b) To give information, advice and assistance to the officer appointed by Basildon District
(c) To encourage public interest and participation in the management and conservation of Mill Meadows Local Nature Reserve.
(d) To promote public interest in Natural History and Conservation.

Membership is open to all who share the interest and objects of the Society as stated above. At the present time, January 2001, membership is in excess of 200. The annual membership fee is 3, covering all members of a household, reduced to 1.50 for retired people. To join please apply to the Membership Secretary, Frances Adams, 4 Beverly Rise, Billericay CM11 2HU enclosing a cheque for the appropriate amount made payable to "Mill Meadows Society".

The management of the affairs of the Society is directed by a Committee including a Chairman, General Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer, Meetings Organiser, Newsletter Editor, Basildon District Council Representative and seven other Members of the Society, elected at the Annual General Meeting, and meeting once every two months.

The Events organised by the Society include talks on natural history subjects by either guest speakers or experts from the Countryside Services Division of Basildon District Council and are held in the Scout Hall, Greens Farm Lane, Billericay, by kind permission of the 5th Billericay Scouts, on certain Friday evenings commencing at 8pm. The Society also mounts small displays at events organised by other local groups such as the Norsey Wood Society, and at events organised by Basildon District Council to promote matters of environmental concern.
The fitter members also attend Work Parties in the morning of the second Sunday of each month commencing at 10am, giving practical assistance to the permanent staff in clearing undergrowth, installing nest boxes, etc. Help from non-members welcome.

To keep members in touch with events, progress with maintenance and development, etc, the Society delivers a copy of a bi-monthly Newsletter to each member.