General wildlife of site:

Mammals: Foxes, badgers, dormice(rare), harvest mice, muntjac deer, moles

Birds: Tawney owls, sparrow hawks, song thrushes, woodpeckers (all three types). In summer many warblers; turtle doves, cuckoo, goldfinch, greenfinch, and other common garden species.
Very large and mature oak and ash pollards. Wet flush in woodland full of greater horse tail; hedgerows very, old rich in many species inc.hazel, field maple, dog rose. Two ponds have ivy leafed water crowfoot - only locally common, frogs and toads.

Insects: Ivertebrate survey in 200 identified 241 species, 50 (21%) of which are of at least local importance. Further survey would undoubtedly reveal greater invertebrate interest. A particularly significant number of scarce and locally notable species was recorded for Araned (spider) coleopterd (beetles).